SYA Travel Soccer Summer Camps 2014

Travel Camps

~ All Camp programs to be held at the SYA Sports Park ~


July 7th – 11th

Travel Foot skills, Fast footwork and Creativity camp for Players aged 8-14

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 12:00pm

The Travel Foot Skills, Fast Footwork and Creativity Camp will provide advanced skill training and will focus on the technical aspects of the game to increase individual performance. Sessions will be dynamic, fast pace, and will cover all areas of technical development. The curriculum emphasizes juggling, ball control, fast footwork, dribbling, receiving, and passing skills.

Juggling and Ball Control - Mastering technique and skill is a must for young players looking to increase their ability to compete in a competitive soccer environment and enjoy the game.  In addition to developing individual touch, balance, agility, and soccer specific fitness players will be provided with a framework of how to improve their individual technique at home through structured, competitive, and fun activities. Juggling is a key element to developing the foundation of soccer success: ball mastery.

Fast Footwork - Fast Footwork is a powerful method for improving your ball control and dribbling skills.

Fast footwork will help you become comfortable with the ball at your feet in tight areas, allow you to get away from opponents in situations you never thought possible, not to mention develop quality “touch” in both feet.

Dribbling - Dynamic dribblers are needed all over the field, with the ability to carry the ball past an opponent while being in control, whether by using a series of simple taps or a fantastic move around a opponent. Players will hone their footwork; learn how to beat opponents off the dribble, and how to better protect the ball.

Receiving - Mastery of receiving sets up everything that a player and the whole team wish to accomplish during a match, including maintaining possession of the ball, passing, and shooting. Receiving is one of soccer’s most fundamental individual skills and requires great concentration and practice because of the countless ways in which a ball may arrive.

Passing - The best players in the world hardly ever give it up because their game IQ is through the roof and moving the ball out of pressure and into feet or space is a big part of that. You truly need all these passes in your back pocket if you're going to be a player. Learn all kinds of different ways to distribute the ball. Including playing it long, short, weighted, over the top and with different parts of your feet, like back heel pass.

Cost $175 per player

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August 11th-15th


Travel Shooting and Finishing Camp for Players aged 8-14

This Clinic is designed with advanced curriculums for competitive level players who are looking to enhance specific skills in their soccer repertoire.

The Shooting and Finishing Clinic is a unique program that focuses on one of the most exciting aspects of the game: creating chances and the art of finishing. This is not just for forwards; it is for any player on the field who wants to improve their attacking skills.

Small group sessions are set up to challenge individuals in repetitive game situations where attacking players need to excel: long distance shooting, combination play, 1v1’s, turning and shooting in the box, crossing and finishing, chipping and Lobbing, Volleys, Attacking heading, playing with your back to goal, and striker movement among many.

By integrating the Shooting and Finishing Clinic and Travel goalkeeping program and running them simultaneously, we are able to provide more game-realistic environments and competition for both programs.

Cost $175 per player

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Travel Goalkeeping Camp for Players aged 8-14

Goalkeeping is a unique position in the game of soccer and requires specialized training to develop the goalkeeping skills, self-confidence and toughness to be the team’s last line of defense and first point of attack. To be effective in the position, goalkeepers need to be well trained technically and tactically to integrate into the team’s defense. The goalkeeper is the leader and communicator. The design of the Travel Goalkeeping program will develop goalkeepers to be decision makers. The program is designed to be progressive based upon the age, ability and experience of the individual goalkeeper.

The Goalkeeping Program will cover the following training topics:

Stance, footwork, ball handling, Angles and positioning, Shot stopping: catching, diving, Ball distribution, 1 v 1 breakaways, Crossed balls, Strength-agility and quickness, Communication, Organizing the defense, Controlling the box, Principles of defense, Match play situations, Leadership and confidence, Keeping focus and Learning from mistakes.

Cost $175 per player

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August 18th-21st

9:30am-12pm and 5:00-7:30pm

U9-U12 SYA Team Camp 

For complete travel teams SYA Soccer are offering a 2 and a half hour morning or evening 4-day Pre-season team camp. This camp is the week before Cardinal Cup and is the perfect way to tune up for the upcoming Fall Season.

This program enables the players to work on skills, tactics and strategies that need further refining, as determined in consultation with the team coach. The training elements for your team may be designed to include, Technical training and ball possession, Team tactics and team building, Attack and defense, Set plays: free kicks, throw-ins, penalty kicks, corner kicks and much more.

We try and arrange teams of similar age and abilities to train at the opposite end of each field, Not only does it bring variety to the sessions, it enables the teams to scrimmage each other and further refine the lessons being learned.

To arrange your team’s Pre-season camp please contact Dean McAlpin soccerdm@gmail.com

Cost $150 per player, teams must sign up together and have a minimum of 9 players for u9 – u12 teams.

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